How to stop being afraid and start traveling

Before the first independent journey, everyone’s knees tremble. It’s like the first kiss: I really want to, but Scary. We at Nevozmozhnogo also remember that feeling when you’re afraid of everything. To simplify the task for you, we will live to tell you how to help yourself cope with fears and what to do to make the journey go smoothly, even if before you did not go further than the cottage.

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We have chosen four main fears that prevent us from going on the first trip:
1) I don’t know English,
2) I’m afraid to overpay,
3) I can’t organize everything myself,
4) I’m afraid to go with the kids.
Then we will analyze them and see how you can generally get away from the problem and how to solve it, if you want to get rid of fear.

Fear No 1: I don’t know English

What’s really scary:

Without language, I feel helpless. How am I going to find my way, order food, explain myself at the border? What if I get lost? Besides, I don’t know anything about local customs and I’m afraid to mess with English.

How to avoid the problem at all:

Choose a country where they speak Russian. Uzbekistan has as much exotics as Morocco. In Georgia – beautiful mountains, gentle sea and delicious khachapuri. And the castles in Latvia are almost like in Germany.

Why things aren’t so scary:

Do not think that abroad you will find yourself among an ocean of English speakers. English is the native language for only 5% of the world’s population. Another 15% have successfully learned it, and the rest are in the same position as you. Even in Europe, not everyone will respond to “How do you yu do?,” and in China and Japan, English ends immediately after the flight. It is much more useful to smile – it will be understood in any corner of the world. And the address of the taxi driver can be shown on a piece of paper.

What to do to overcome fear:

Learn more about the new place to ask fewer questions and avoid awkward situations along the way. Find the schedule and departure of buses from the airport on the Internet, choose a hotel, specify what attractions you want to see and specify how it is customary to dress in temples. Correcting plans in the process is convenient for a good guide – will suit Lonely Planet in Russian language.

Train to find your way. Install a map program on your phone that works without the Internet, such as Try it at home: choose a new cafe in your hometown and find it on the navigator, without asking passers-by.

Install an interpreter on your smartphone. If you still have to ask a question, the mobile application Google Translate will help: it connects from Russian to any one. To use it without the Internet, download the right languages, then disable the data transfer and make sure everything works. For training, translate a few phrases, formulating them as easily as possible. Instead of “Hello, sorry, can you tell me where the nearest supermarket is?” write “Where is the nearest supermarket?” – then the automatic translator will not make mistakes and you will be understood the first time.

Remember the 20 simplest phrases in English. Such to answer could be monosyllabic or without words at all. The answer to “How mach?” (“How much does it cost?”) you will be shown anywhere on your phone, calculator or fingers. And “Vere from the Musicum” (“Where is the museum?”), will explain with a nod to the head right or left.

Learn 10 words in your local language. If you go to a place where English is not native, remember at least a few phrases in the local language. In the first days read on a piece of paper, and in a week it will certainly not be needed.

Where to start:

Open the simplest Russian-English phrasebook for tourists, choose 20 phrases, print and hang on the refrigerator. Learn three words every day – in a week you will have the minimum required.

Olga Smirnova: “I lived in Arkhangelsk, worked as a journalist and really wanted to travel. But I had zero English, and in general it was not clear from what end to take. Once found a forum These guys are not afraid of anything, they travel to Asia and Latin America as much as they want. I read them for several months and eventually decided to try it myself. I saved $1,500 and went. Traveled for three months in Southeast Asia, watched temples, bathed, ate fruit, met people. It turned out that the main thing – everyone to smile, and whether you speak good English – the tenth thing. I still don’t know what the “suitcase” is in English, but it never stopped me from explaining to Thais and Malays.”

Fear No 2. I’m afraid to overpay.

What’s really scary:

I don’t know how to calculate the travel budget. With the package tour it is immediately clear what time the vacation will be. And how to figure out when you go on your own? I don’t even know how much it’s going to cost. What if it turns out to be more expensive than an all-inclusive?

How to avoid the problem at all:

Follow in the footsteps of your friends: book the same hotel, go to the same museums and have lunch at the same restaurant on the beach. Or find a detailed travel report on the Internet – with all the turnout, passwords and prices – and use it as a guide.

Why things aren’t so scary:

Travel is not necessarily a huge expense. If you want to, you will meet the amount that the locals spend – they somehow have lunch and go to the beaches. Whatever comfort level you choose, the travel budget is not an astrophysics, but the sum of several cubes. The biggest cubes are tickets and hotels, and you will know these expenses even before the trip. Everything else can also be counted without leaving the house – now we will tell how.

What to do to overcome fear:

How to pay for the costs on Budgetyoutrip. It shows how much one day of rest costs in different countries. The site is in English, but you can not delve into the details, look only at the Daily Cost – “Expenses for the day.” Choose from three styles of travel: budget, medium and luxurious. If you can not decide, focus on the average level – no frills, but comfortable and rich. In order not to postpone, look right now at what time, for example, the day in Georgia will cost.

Re-check the forums and blogs. Make a request for Google or Yandex clearly: “How much money to take to Prague for 3 days” – and for sure get an exhaustive answer. And if no one has written about Easter Island this year, ask yourself on any forum for travelers – you will be prompted.

Add 20 to 30%. Most likely, they will not be needed, but you will be calmer. And if you want to go to the full, gut the stash for unscheduled shopping or celebrate the first independent trip in a Michelin restaurant.

Include airfare. Skyskaner will find for you the cheapest tickets anywhere in the world and tell you how to save up to a third of its cost on the flight. To begin with, just try to find a ticket to any country for the next holiday.

Book a place. Flights and hotels are the main expenses: deal with them in advance – and already two problems less. If you are worried if you will not put a cat in a bag, book a hotel with a good rating.

Where to start:

Go to Skyskaner, enter your city in the field of Where, “everywhere” in the field of Kuda and “cheapest month” instead of specific dates. It will show when and where you can fly cheaply from a convenient airport.

Tatiana and Ilya Samoylova: “Our first abroad was Georgia. We were very worried whether to fit into the budget, but in 5 days spent only 14,000 rubles, except for plane tickets. The next time we rented a car – it turned out to be more expensive, but we did. To calculate how much money is needed, we were helped at the forum “For the Seven Mountains.”

Fear No 3. I can’t organize it myself.

What’s really scary:

It is necessary to find the tickets, housing – what if I mess up something or I will be deceived? I’m afraid to even think about the transfer: I’m going for the first time, how do I know how to get there?

How to avoid the problem at all:

Buy a tour that includes flights, transfers and a hotel. And on the spot, do it yourself. See the sights, go shopping, sit in a cafe – all at their own pace and without looking back at the group.

Why things aren’t so scary:

Anyone who is familiar with Google will be able to rest on their own. If you find this article – you will definitely succeed. Just do not immediately take care of everything, otherwise the eyes will run away. Preparing for the journey is better as if you play in the classics: each cell – a simple thing that brings you closer to the trip. Brew your favorite tea, sit at your computer and start with what seems to be the easiest and most interesting.

What to do to overcome fear:

Choose a simple target. For example, a week in Tbilisi or a weekend in Almaty. Then worries will be minimized: buy tickets, find a hotel, learn how to get to it (if you are afraid, book a transfer), and figure out what to do on the spot. To navigate where you can go without a problem, see our list of weekend tours without visa problems.

Connect a friend. Traveling in the company is more fun, besides not so terrible: together you will find a way out of any situation. During the preparation, share the responsibilities: one learns whether a visa is needed and how to get it, the other will find tickets, the third – the hotel. So you save time, and then you can share the experience with each other.

Read our instructions on how to prepare for your own journey. There it is simple and understandable written how to decide on the country, choose the best time to travel, issue a visa, buy favorable tickets, make a route and find accommodation. To make it even clearer, you can take the A4 leaflet right now and rewrite all the steps from our instructions. Coped – strike out and do not hesitate to praise yourself.

Make a cheat sheet. When you’re preparing for a trip, save everything that seems useful. In what terminal to go at the airport, how the museum works, what dish is worth trying – every little thing will come in handy. Make a file, throw it all in a row, and then print it out.

Start preparing for your trip in advance. In order not to be nervous and not to do everything at the last moment, start training ahead of time. If you have six months to go, you’ll just have time to buy cheap tickets. There are 2-4 months left – well, you can decide without haste what you want to see. And when you read this text, you can assume that the first stage of preparation has passed.

Where to start:

Make a to-do list, include 8 simple steps to prepare for your journey and hang it in a prominent place.

While others are sitting on the couch, 89-year-old woman Lena Erkhova from Krasnoyarsk fearlessly travels to Vietnam – alone. Drinks cocktails through a tube, flaunts in a Vietnamese hat, catches from a plate of fried octopus and is not afraid to ride a motorcycle taxi. Once a year she flies to Carlsbad to be treated – since at the age of 83 she decided it was time to travel, and began to save money from retirement. Do not believe – see for yourself, grandma has a Facebook page.

Fear No 4. I’m afraid to go with the kids.

What’s really scary:

I’m not going to rest, I’m just going to twitch for the kids. Will they agree to eat unusual food, will the sleep mode fail, how will acclimatization take place? What if they get sick – where will I find a doctor and are there any hospitals at all?

How to avoid the problem at all:

Leave the child to the grandmothers and for the first time go by yourself. Pay attention to the children’s aspects: what with food, whether the beach is suitable for swimming with a child, whether it is convenient accommodation and how to get without crossbars. If the intelligence is successful, next time come to the same place as a family.

Why things aren’t so scary:

It may seem that it is safe to go with children only in package tours, where everything is guaranteed. But the unusual food and acclimatization do not depend on whether with or without an agent. And if you’re going to have a child’s 37.8 degrees Celsius, you’re unlikely to call a travel agent – it’s easier and more efficient to go down to the reception and call a doctor. What you should do is better prepare for the trip: then you will feel confident and provide yourself and the children a fun and stressful rest.

What to do to overcome fear:

Learn how to adapt your holiday to your child. What to take with you on the plane, how to plan the crossings without harm to the regime and how to feed the great non-mouse away from home – we tell about everything in the article “How not to go crazy, traveling with a child.” As you get excited, start making your own list of things for your child on the road.

Make a first aid kit taking into account what children may need. Take the usual medicines, which you know how to use, and which are exactly suitable for the child. Save the instructions in case you forget the dosages. Look in the home first aid kit: what of it can be useful on vacation?

Make insurance for the child. To make sure, make a traveler’s policy for the child. If something happens, look for the hospital and arrange treatment will be insurance. Most likely, all this will not be needed, but you will be calmer. To find out how to choose good travel insurance and what should be included, read our instructions.

Rent an apartment instead of a hotel. The child will have more room to play, and you will have a equipped kitchen to prepare homemade dishes from your chosen products. In addition, the apartment is more cozy than a hotel room: perhaps it will help you relax.

Find out how other parents handle the difficulties of traveling with their children. All children from time to time capricious, late fall asleep, poorly eat and ask to the sea with a clogged nose. And some parents tell on the Internet how they coped with it in trips. In Thailand, the baby was fed oatmeal, fresh fruit and baby food. In Turkey, a five-year-old child started vomiting and was cured by insurance. And in Goa to the children were called to the house of a Russian-speaking doctor.

Where to start:

Fold in the road first aid kit for the child what you regularly use and what you have at hand at home.

Alice, mother of three-year-old Igor: “The first time we went to rest was when Igor was six months old. Most of all I was afraid of flying. It’s only three hours, but one, without a husband! It so happened that he was supposed to join us the next day. On the plane next to me was a nice elderly woman, she played with Igor on takeoff and took him to her when I needed to go to the toilet. Then he fell asleep and slept until the landing! And on vacation we were very helped by ergorukzak. While we were staggering through the sights, Igor slept quietly on his husband’s stomach. I thought we were going to be very limited because of the baby. In fact, they rested almost as much as before it appeared.”
Briefly about the main

Don’t make promises that in a month you will stop being afraid to travel. It’s not going to work anyway. Instead, slowly, step by step, move on to the first self-driving trip. When you want to lose weight, it is better not to give up everything and at once, and replace the midnight sandwich with a glass of kefir – in a month will be the first result. Travel is the same: set aside 15 minutes a day for non-burdensome things and you won’t notice how to learn everything.

Here are 10 things that will bring you closer to your first self-driving trip. Do one a day.

1) Open our instructions on how to prepare for your trip and write down the steps on the A4. Hang on the fridge.

2) Learn how much it costs in English, Double room, bill please, and Tomorrow.

3) For training, find the cheapest ticket from Moscow to Riga on Skyskaner on Aug.

4) Download the Google Translite app on your smartphone and translate to Thai the phrase “When does registration start?”

5) Go to Budgetyoutrip and find out how much it will cost to travel in Spain.

6) Find out with Yandex or Google what the weather is like in Montenegro in June.

7) Download the Maps .me app on your smartphone, set maps, and at the weekend find a shopping mall in your city on the navigator, which previously were not. You can’t ask passers-by!

8) Find out how much travel insurance costs per person for 13 days in Bulgaria in August.

9) Find a suitable apartment on Airbnb for a weekend in Prague.

10) Ask your best friends if they want to go with you on their first independent trip.


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