How to make gold?

Since the days of alchemists, humanity has been striving to find a way to make gold out of lead. Oddly enough artificially make gold really possible, the truth is, it is only by nuclear chemistry, but not from lead.

As is known in a nuclear reactor, some elements are able to turn into others, for example, sulfur becomes chlorine, uranium – plutonium, and iron – nickel. You can also make gold in it.

Such an experiment was conducted by American scientists back in 1947. They managed to obtain 35 micrograms of gold from 100 mg of mercury. Artificially made gold can be seen at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

The easiest way to create gold is to break up the isotopes of mercury and platinum. But to make it out of platinum is quite unprofitable, as platinum is known more expensive than gold.

The only stable isotope of gold is gold-197, which is produced from mercury-197, which emits beta rays. This process of obtaining gold is very time-consuming and expensive, besides the amount obtained as a result of precious metal is very small, especially considering that it still has to be distinguished from the mixture of nuclides and unresponsive isotopes.

The final price of artificial gold is too high, so it will not be possible to get rich with this method. By the way, other nuclear reactions also lead to the formation of gold isotopes, but they are unstable, their life time is limited to a few days, after this time this gold, which in appearance does not differ from the usual, simply turns into a puddle of mercury.


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