How and when did football come about?

It is hardly possible to find a game that would have more fans than football. Football is probably the most popular of all sports. And where and when did it originate? Let’s try to understand this issue.

England is considered the official birthplace of modern football, but many other countries are trying to challenge this, claiming that football originated on the basis of the games that existed for them. Balls that could be used for such a game were even found in the graves of Egyptian pharaohs, dated 2000-3000 BC. Around the same time, there were three football-like games in ancient China: zu-ju, zu-nu and zhu-chu. In the 6th century, a ball game called Kemari was popular in Japan.

In ancient Greece, too, there was a similar game, it had several names: fe-ninda, episkiros and harpanone. In ancient Rome, the game was called harps-dup. This list can be continued for a long time, but even from this it can be concluded that such ball games have existed in almost all peoples of the world since ancient times.

But back to the official version. According to this version, football dates back to the 19th century, when England formed four football teams competing against each other on special venues. But due to the lack of generally accepted rules of the game, matches between these teams often ended in fights. To solve these problems, the Football Association of England was created, which during the discussion set the rules of the game. But not everyone was happy with the decisions of the association, some coaches did not agree with the opinion of the majority and left the organization, later creating the Rugby Union.

As a result, in 1863 the “Code of Football Rules” was presented to the public. It is these rules that formed the basis of modern football. And in 1871, already under the new rules, the first tournament of England took place, and a year later there was a match between the national teams of England and Scotland.

By the beginning of the 20th century, football fever had spread all over the world. Footballers from different continents were eager to compete with each other. Therefore, in 1904 it was decided to create the International Federation of Football Associations, today this association is called FIFA.

A couple of words should be said about women’s football, which arose with the advent of emancipation. Emancipated ladies quickly became interested in football and everywhere began to create their own teams. It even came to the point that in 1921 England was introduced a ban on women’s football. But the footballers managed to get the ban lifted, as the queen herself applied for them. And today women’s football is included even in the Olympic program.

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