Bonnie and Clyde

Who Bonnie and Clyde know almost everyone. The story of these robbers is still one of the most romantic and tragic, despite the fact that it happened 70-odd years ago. As proof of this, you can cite a lot of films and composed songs dedicated to romantic bandits.

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker was born in the small Texas town of Rowina. The girl had a rich imagination, a penchant for acting, liked to dress fashionablely and was also an excellent student in school. At the age of 16, she fell in love with a certain Roy Thornton and married him, dropping out of school. At 17, she got a job in a cafe as a waitress. And all would be well, if in two years did not begin the great economic depression – the cafe closed.

Clyde “Champion” Chestnut Barrow as well as Bonnie is a native of Texas. He was born in 1909 in the family of an illiterate farmer. In addition to Clyde, there were seven other children in the family. All his childhood, up to the age of 13, he lived on a farm. He hardly went to school, preferring instead to play with wooden pistols and loitering around, eagerly looking at the cars of wealthy citizens. Clyde’s family went bankrupt and his father moved to West Dallas. Clyde also dropped out of school at the age of 16 and went to work.

The fateful meeting took place in late 1929. A little girl with red hair struck Clyde’s heart at first sight. And then, when Clyde is arrested for armed raid, Bonnie helps him escape from prison by handing over a gun on a date. A week later, Clyde is again in prison, this time he was sentenced to 14 years. In protest against the verdict, he cuts off two toes, but it does not help. He has no choice but to become an exemplary prisoner and serve time. In 1932, he earned parole.

Once in the wild, Clyde continues petty robberies. The extraction from these robberies, as a rule, was negligible. This infuriates Bonnie, she does not want to risk freedom for a couple of dollars. The turning point is the murder of the seller, who did not want to open the cash register and resisted. After the first murder, Clyde Barrow had nothing to lose – in case of capture the death penalty, he has already earned himself.

Then, Bonnie is addicted to weapons, and she learns to shoot and masters the art of snatching a rifle from a specially sewn along the foot pocket in a matter of seconds.

After robbing a weapons depot, they seize a huge number of weapons, and the weapons depot is already turning their car: several assault rifles and hunting rifles, a dozen revolvers and pistols, thousands of rounds of ammunition. The couple begins to develop their own style of robberies and murders.

At first they sought money, but later they began to attract the romantic-heroic part of the case. Bonnie realizes that she and Clyde chose death, but in her opinion it is still better than the monotonous and boring life that was before.

The gang always worked the same way: Bonnie was sitting in a car, and Clyde and another partner burst into the bank shouting, “Robbery!” This is followed by a series of robberies. Bonnie and Clyde were often lucky, so they got out of almost hopeless situations.

One day in the hands of the police falls unfinished poem “Dirty Murder” written by Bonnie. The bandits were caught off guard, running away, they were forced to leave their belongings.

In 1934, Clyde launched a daring attack on a prison farm, freeing his accomplice. Then, over the next couple of months, he kills three police officers. The number of victims is already approaching a dozen and a half.

In May of that year, Sheriff Frank Heimer, who had vowed to find Bonnie and Clyde, was finally able to disarm them. An ambush was set up on a country road, from which Bonnie and Clyde’s car was shot. The car counted 167 bullet holes, 50 bullets hit the robbers.

Bonnie and Clyde knew what they were going for, the thirst for a bright life led them to where they were supposed to lead. They chose a beautiful but short life, not by chance Bonnie’s poem ends with the phrase:

And if you ever have to die,
To lie to us, of course, in the grave alone.
And the mother will cry, and the bastards will laugh.
There will be peace for Bonnie and Clyde.

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